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HVAC Services for Gas Furnace Repair, Installation and more!


HVAC Services for Gas Furnace Repair, Installation and more!

The record-setting low temperature this winter in the Greater Toronto Area has had residents calling for gas furnace repair. Not only have we had some of the coldest days ever but we’ve also had long stretches of frigid weather that can cause significant problems for those individuals who have not invested in furnace maintenance before the winter began. Unfortunately, it looks like the greater Toronto area is still in for several more ice cold weeks before it starts to warm up when spring comes.

Furnace Service Scarborough

After your furnace installation, you still need to ensure that it’s in perfect working condition which requires HVAC services for maintenance as well as repair. It’s wise to invest in furnace maintenance before winter is in full swing. If your furnace is not in its best working condition before winter sets in you’ll be calling for furnace repair from Scarborough throughout other areas of the GTA. Additionally, furnaces need regular inspection to ensure that they are up to date with all the new technology that has emerged since it was installed. A poorly functioning furnace will need to be replaced.

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Q’s HVAC is one of the top providers for gas furnace repair, replacement, and maintenance in the GTA. Whether you require a furnace installation or just regular service to ensure that your home will be warm throughout the winter our highly-skilled HVAC technicians will make sure that you are warm and cozy with a fully functioning furnace.

The Dangers Of Furnace Malfunction In Extreme Cold

It is absolutely necessary to have a fully operational furnace in Ontario because our winters are so brutal. When the outside temperatures drop into extreme cold a furnace that hasn’t been properly maintained can malfunction. A furnace malfunction in cold weather can lead to a lot of damage to your home. Not only will you be cold until you can get your furnace serviced but also your pipes could freeze causing extensive water damage and excessive expense to you as a homeowner.

The final weeks of winter are an ideal time to contact us here at Q’s HVAC to ensure that your air conditioning system is in perfect condition for summer. Whether you need AC maintenance, repair, or installation we can ensure that your indoor summer temperature will be ideal. If you’re currently looking for furnace repair Pickering, reach out to us here at Q’s HVAC. Questions about Q’s HVAC or our new Instagram profile? Call Us Now! 1 (800) 573-1620