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Air Conditioner Repair and Installation from AC Professionals

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation from AC Professionals

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation from AC Professionals

Spring is just around the corner in Canada and after that summer will follow. However, summer days in GTA or Greater Toronto Area and Ontario can be very hot. According to the statistics, 2016 was the hottest summer ever and 23.07 degrees Celsius was the mean temperature throughout the season, while the warmest recorded temperature this year 2017 was February 18.

However, if there is one thing that most people can all agree on it is that summers in Toronto are much tolerable if you have air conditioning system installed. People know that the feeling of stepping out of hot days into an air conditioned home is comfort.

In Toronto, the outdoor humidity may climb as high as ninety-four percent. That is a far cry from the recommended humidity level of around thirty percent to fifty percent. To put this ninety-four percent number in perspective in average summer, majority of houses will see thousands of liters of water pass through them just from humidity.

Aside from that fact, the RH or relative humidity, which is a much accurate measurement of how hot something feels gets worse during summer due to the interaction between water, pressure or heat. In other terms, sixty percent of the humidity level in the winter doesn’t feel like sixty percent humidity during summer. But rather, the difference in the temperature is more pronounced that it’d be without the humidity. That is the reason enough for investing in air conditioning. Nevertheless, it isn’t the only reason.

As a matter of fact, far more pressing for some are the property and health risks that come with the unbearable humidity in Toronto, which is something that air conditioners can help you. Regardless of the level of humidity, whether it is high or low, having a functional and energy efficient air conditioner for your place can make a difference. With these air conditioners, it is possible to control the extremes of the Toronto humidity and enable you to have a little more control over your health, allowing you to stay healthy.

Air conditioner installation should be done by professionals. Experts like Q’s HVAC offer top-notch quality AC installation services. They also do AC repair services. What makes them different is that Q’s HVAC provides the latest, efficient air conditioners and HVAC appliances at an affordable price, allowing you to get the best value of what you have spent.

No matter what you need, whether you require air conditioner installation or air conditioner repair, Q’s HVAC can do the job for you. This HVAC company knows how important comfort is for everyone, most particularly for people living in GTA or Ontario.

You don’t have to suffer from the consequences of humidity. You only deserve nothing but a life that’s free from issues brought by humidity. If you want to stay worry-free and keep your place air conditioned, always settle with Q’s HVAC for all your air conditioning needs because they only know the best for your home or business.

Image by: Erich Westendarp from Pixabay