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Difference Between Tankless Water Heater And Normal Water Heater

Difference Between Tankless Water Heater And Normal Water Heater

Most of the water heaters are storage models. This means that they have insulated tanks holding water. These can have either electric heating elements or a gas burner. There is cold incoming water at the bottom and you draw off hot water from the top that you can consistently draw off until it is nearly depleted.

Tankless water heater is able to provide constant hot water and saves on energy too. Hence there is no issue of running out of hot water. These are typically installed at the point of use. Since hot water is not stored in a tank, hence there is no heat loss when this heater is not operating.

The storage water heaters have a small heating element as a very large flow of gas or electricity is not required to heat the water. The tankless water heaters have much larger burners and they require a huge current draw.

It is important to have a highly efficient water heating system that can heat up water quickly and efficiently. It is a huge waste of time if people need to wait for the water to heat up in order to take a shower or do other chores. Besides, it should not take up too much energy as that can be a huge drain on your resources! Hence opt for an efficient and a time-saving water heating system.