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Goodbye Winter! Hello Summer with Air Conditioning


Goodbye Winter! Hello Summer with Air Conditioning

residential-commercial-air-conditioner-for-saleWinter is finally on its way out and as many Ontario residents know, summer is as hot as winter is cold which makes residential air conditioning a must have! Known for record-setting lows in winter as well as record-setting highs in summer, Ontario residents can be left broiling in their homes and offices if they don’t have air conditioning.

Air Conditioner Installation

Having air conditioning installed in your home will not only keep you and your family cool through the blistering heat of summer but it will also add value to your home for generations to come. Air conditioning installation has never been more cost effective than it is now and with the efficiency levels of modern a/c systems keeping your home cool is very affordable.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation

Businesses are responsible for not only keeping their employees cool during the hot summer but also enticing customers through their doors to linger and look around while enjoying the respite that your business offers from the heat. Commercial air conditioning is absolutely necessary in our competitive market place and if your business doesn’t have it you should add air conditioner installation to your list of urgent priorities.

Air Conditioner Repair

Take advantage of the brief respite that spring offers to check and make sure that your air conditioner is working properly or have it inspected by Q’s HVAC Services. If your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently or isn’t working at all you can be setting yourself up to have one miserable and uncomfortable summer. Additionally, a poorly functioning a/c can cause moisture from heat to build up which in turn puts your home at risk for mold issues. Mold can quickly sap the value from your home so consider prompt air conditioner repair if yours is not working at peak efficiency.

Efficiency Saves Money

When your commercial or residential a/c is running efficiently it saves you money on your cooling costs. Energy efficient machines run at a fraction of the rates you would expect while those that are functioning poorly can heap on additional costs. With the added benefit of helping to control humidity as well as moisture the investment you make in ensuring that your a/c is working at its most efficient will prove to be a valuable asset.

Q’s HVAC services both residential and commercial location throughout all of Ontario. We offer a wide variety of services so when you need anything from commercial air conditioning repair to residential air conditioner installation Q’s can help you keep your home or office cool and comfortable. Call now for more information while spring provides the perfect time for your new a/c to be installed or your established one to be repaired. Questions about Q’s HVAC or our new Instagram profile? Call Us Now! 1 (800) 573-1620