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2016 has been recorded as the hottest year in the history. We saw how the previous records were shattered by the extremely hot climatic changes. It would be safe to say that living these days without Air Conditioners in summers is extremely difficult. Some experts are believe that temperature will continue to rise with each passing year. Air Conditioners are not only useful but also necessary for homes and offices as they maintain a clean and a cool internal environment during summers and save us from the hard weather extremes.

Summers in Canada are hot especially in cities such as Ontario and Windsor as average temperature noted for these regions is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Within the past few years we noticed that temperature in summers has shown an extreme variations and this stresses on the importance of having a properly working Air Conditioner at your home. Especially the residents of Ontario need to be a bit more prepared for this.

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Q’s HVAC for AC repair

Canadian summers can become serious problems without a properly working Air Conditioner. However, at Q’s HVAC we will repair all kinds of AC related problems as our expert service executives have been trained to provide you cost effective repairs and solutions.


We’ll need your basic information including name, phone, address


Information about the problem you’re having, and the make/model of your equipment.


We provide you an estimate/rate quote by phone.


We schedule a time for our expert HVAC team to visit your location.


Our expert HVAC staff will arrive on site for a diagnosis of the problem.


Parts and labour cost approved? Great! Our staff will begin to service your equipment on location.