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Why You Need Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling in Toronto

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Why You Need Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling in Toronto

Energy efficiency means the use of less energy and still getting the same services. Sounds confusing? It should not because it isn’t, to help you understand let’s use an example. The newer air conditioners use less energy as compared to the “traditional” air conditioners and so are the energy efficient furnaces available in the market right now. This phrase energy efficiency has been used for a long time to mean any kind of energy saving measure but technically it is not the same thing as energy conservation. Because energy conservation can mean for example walking instead of driving or probably turning down your thermostat during winter.

Increasing energy efficiency in your home might cost you more money at the beginning since most of these high efficiency furnace and high efficiency air conditioner are a little bit pricy compared to the traditional ones but in the long run it is going to save you a lot of money. Within a short time the money you used to purchase an energy efficient air conditioner or newer model of a furnace will be repaid through reduced energy bills.

The scope of the savings and the techniques that you will use usually depend on your situation first and then location you are situated in. For example the weather in Toronto and all over Canada can fluctuate without a notice and so you need to be always be ready with both energy efficient furnaces and energy efficient air conditioner because it can be needed at any time. To help you better understand why you need energy efficient air conditioner and energy efficient furnace, let us look at some of the benefits you will enjoy.

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

efficient-air-conditioning-installation-qshvacYou might have installed an air conditioner back in 2000 that was considered energy efficient but with how things have changed since then, we cannot consider it as energy efficient or can we? The advancement of technology has set new standards of what energy efficient air conditioner should be like. The new and better air conditioners saves more energy and they have even improved performance that you cannot compare with the air conditioner you are using right now, meaning no offence.

The efficiency of air conditioning is usually measured by total cooling output over the cooling season or total energy output over a cooling season. If the rating is higher, it means that the air conditioner is better. Choose an air conditioner that has a rating of more than 14.5 if you want an air conditioner which is very energy efficient. Having said that, let us explore some of the advantages of using an energy efficient air conditioner:

  • Better performance.

 Installing an energy efficient air conditioner in your home will be in your best interests because the more energy efficient your system is, the more advanced features it will have. Some of the latest systems are equipped with variable speeds that can run with 25 percent capacity and still provide you with perfect conditions in the house.

  • Longer lifespan.

 Since this energy efficient air conditioner uses less energy when they are functioning, they tend to cycle on and off less frequently and this leads to less wear over time. They perform perfectly and you will not need to do replacement any time soon after installation as compared to the less efficient air conditioners.

  • Lower energy bills.

The most obvious benefit of using energy efficient air conditioner is the fact that you will be using less energy and so your energy bills will be low. We all know how high energy bills can be stressful especially when they come when you don’t have enough money. You don’t have to go through that each and every month when you can reduce the bills using an energy efficient air conditioner. An energy efficient air conditioner can save you up to 60 percent of the amount of money that you use on energy bills every year. And even the cheap ones can save you up to 20 percent of the money you use on energy bills.

  • They are environment friendly.

The refrigerant that are manufactured nowadays are not ozone layer damaging like the ones that were manufactured before 2010. They are very environment friendly and each and I believe each and every home in Canada should be using an energy efficient air conditioner.

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Furnace

Just as using an energy efficient air conditioner, using energy efficient furnace has a lot of benefits that include:

  • Increased energy savings.

 The ignition technology used in this furnaces ensures that you use as lees energy as possible. The electric ignition is only activated when you are using the furnace and not always like the “traditional” ones hence saving you a lot of money each and every month.

  • A more durable and environmentally friendly furnace.

 The more energy efficient furnaces reduces waste which in turn reduce the greenhouse emissions. In addition to being environmental friendly, the newer models usually condense meaning that they have an internal feature of removing moisture which makes them last even longer.

  • It is safer.

 The newer models don’t need to run for a long time like the “traditional” models and this means less combustion time. The air flow is even better regulated making the combustion safer. Some of this newer models even have an exhaust which helps improve the air inside your house. And if you are looking for hvac services in Toronto we will be there for you


If you are still using the “traditional” heating and cooling system, you definitely need a change. Don’t look at the upfront charges because they might make you feel like you are using a lot of money. Look at the bigger picture and see the thousands of dollars you are going to save. Every home and commercial building in Toronto needs this energy efficient cooling systems.